Frequently Asked Questions


How do we operate, and are we the best fit for you?


How long have we been in business??

17 years, since 2003

Are we licensed and insured??

Yes, we are licensed with the state and county, as well as holding general liability insurance and workers comp.

Which types of properties do we manage?

Primarily large estates which are used by the home owner as second homes. However no house is to large, or too small, and we work with some rental properties.

How many employees do we have??

Our family of four work full time managing and scheduling alongside our 6-8 employees.

How do we communicate??

We communicate with you through phone, email and text. However you like and what the situation requires. We provide updates typically with our regular checks, as well as right when issues are found.


Do we have our own cleaning staff??

Yes! The majority of our employees are cleaners, but can help with other maintenance too. We hold ourselves to personal attention and ready your house to your specifications.

What are our cleaning standards??

We hold ourselves to high standards, making sure your property is in tip top shape for your stay. Our staff cleans after your stay, to make sure it is always ready for a last minute arrival, but always clean before you arrive to remove any dust. We can also provide mid stay cleanings, to whatever level of your liking.


How do we manage repairs??

If we find a maintenance issue, our team will take care of it right away. If we can’t fix it ourselves we will schedule with a contractor and inform the owner.

What vendors do we work with??

Over 17 years, we have built trust with vendors of all types. Our vendors are all licensed, insured, and have proven their abilities. If you have a vendor you already trust, we can still work with them for your property.

More Questions?